Tough Love Testimonials

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My name is Zac Cooper; I am the Chief Production Officer and Co-Owner of Northeast Alternatives.  We currently run our cultivation operations out of Fall River, Massachusetts.  This, as some might already know, makes IPM extremely difficult as Massachusetts does not allow the use of any EPA registered pesticides.  Section 25b products are our only option.  Since our cultivation operation started in May of 2018 we have been using Tough Love.  It is the only pesticide product we use in our IPM system.  I firmly believe that our clean procedures, plant culture and our weekly sprays of Tough Love are the only reasons we, till this day, have not found any trace of pests.  No mites, aphids or even PM.  Thanks to the Essential Earth Products fam for helping us continue to supply Massachusetts medical patients with the clean medicine they need and deserve!    

Best regards,

 Zac Cooper,

Chief Production Officer

NEA (Northeast Alternatives) 


I noticed recently that both my tomato and cannabis plants have a pretty bad spider mite infestation, so I mixed 1/4 oz  in 1 quart of pure water and sprayed them heavily on both sides of leaves early this morning.

Upon inspecting with my jeweler's loupe, after they were dry, I noticed some mites still alive. Pretty bummed. 

So, I followed that evening with the 2 oz./gal. ratio dose and repeated that the following evening as well then gave the plants a break. 

I inspected a few leaves under the loupe and was happy to see many lifeless shells! At 45, I've been gardening for upwards of 27 years now, and I have to say, spider mites have always been my number one insect nemesis here in California. As you can imagine, I've tried many concoctions, essential oils as well with moderate success.

As I'm sure you know, they get so out of hand so quickly, especially when we get lazy about checking. I'm really hoping these few plants I have recover and continue to produce their flowers and fruit. I'll definitely continue to use the Tough Love (Great name by the way), til it's gone, and it almost is! 

All the best man, 



Nevada City, CA


I survived cancer but couldn’t survive a tiny little bug that was killing my world. No matter how much I payed for anything to help fight this bug, I always failed… Until I found TOUGH LOVE. Not only does it smell better than the other but IT WORKS!! Ooh my garsh thank y’all for saving my world. I’m literally sitting in my garden crying with tears of joy cuz this time last year, I only saw death & disgust and now cuz of Tough Love, I see LIFE LOVE & POSSIBILITIES that YES I CAN!!! Thank y’all, Thank y’all, Thank y’all! I am forever grateful 2 y’all. ONeLOve! Fer sure. 💚💚💚y’all.


Citrus Heights, CA


First, I love the smell of Tough Love! Second, I think it’s doing a great job. I told the boys over at Green Fire in Chico yesterday, it gets FracturedFarmz seal of approval.

Chico, CA


We love it! Works wonders and the smell is a huge bonus. Everyone raves about Tough Love and we definitely feel the same ;)


I Love this product! My raised beds were severely infested with aphids. Two weeks ago, I did one treatment, and I am so excited my plants did not burn, and all of the bugs are gone.


Fair Oaks, CA


We recently developed thrips in our mother room. 

Thanks to our homies over at Essential Earth Products for hooking us up with some Tough Love Insecticide/Miticide!

Now, we’re back to normal and with happy foliage!