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Tough on Pests and Loved by Plants
— JRo

The first of many featured products to be provided by Essential Earth Products is Tough Love, a time tested, natural and effective remedy to soft bodied garden pests.

Tough Love, a safe and impressive broad-spectrum insecticide, is composed of premium, minimum risk botanical oils which are selected and chosen from specific strains of herbs that meet the highest values of biochemical content specific to their purpose. The proprietary formulation of Tough Love and mixture of its ingredients results in a solution that is emulsified at a nanoparticle level and highly effective at eliminating common soft bodied garden pests on contact, while allowing the restoration of beneficial insect balance within the agricultural and home garden systems. Preventative maintenance is a key part of a successful Intergrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Use Tough Love once a week as a wonderful and effective addition to any IPM program.

Tough on pests and Loved by plants and the environment…

Tough Love has many mechanisms that achieve the desired effect of reducing pest pressure.


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Dehydrates Target Insects

Tough Love leaches moisture from insects’ bodies in a process called osmotic dehydration. Also, Tough Love may dissolve the wax layer on the cuticle (“skin”) and creates membrane permeability, which leads to water loss by evaporation. Lastly, Tough Love, which enters via the insect’s trachea, may disrupt cellular membranes, resulting in the cell contents leaking from the damaged cells (cytolysis). The outcome is dehydration and death.

Kill your pests with kindness!

Emulsifies Pest’s Body Fats (mesodermal tissue)

Insects require body fat to function and live. Tough Love acts to emulsify target pest’s body fats (breaking down fat globules into a much smaller emulsion), eventually killing the pests.


Disrupts Internal pH Balance

Insects, like people, have specific pH levels their bodies must maintain to carry out normal bodily functions and stay healthy. Certain essential oils within Tough Love are responsible for alkalizing the insects’ body serums so they can no longer function, and ultimately, they die.

Send pests packing with a little
Tough Love!

Extreme Respiratory Irritation and Suffocation

By interfering with pests’ normal respiratory functions and causing them great discomfort, Tough Love forces insects to avoid breathing altogether and/ or may block respiratory openings or trachea, and they succumb to suffocation.

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Creates Pheromone Interference

Scent-driven bugs, which excludes beneficial insects like bees and butterflies, rely on the compound octopamine to carry out normal bodily functions like breathing, metabolism, reproduction, and movement. Specific essential oils within Tough Love block pest’s octopamine receptors, and the pests die as a result of the interference.

Dissolves Pests’ Eggs, Larvae, Pupae, and Exoskeleton

Certain properties of Tough Love are capable of dissolving pests in their early life cycle stages such as eggs & larvae, and it can disintegrate the exoskeletons of adult pests, as well. An induction of rapid metamorphosis by elevation of enzymatic levels, can kill the adult pests.

Available Sizes and MSRP

4 fl oz - $29.00  /  8 fl oz - $50.00  /  32 fl oz - $119.95  /  1 Gallon - $490.00

*Pricing can vary by location due to shipping rates or individual store discounts. If you cannot find Tough Love in your neighboring retail shops, please contact us by email or phone so that we can contact your shop of choice and provide a sample.  Thank you!

Give your plants some TLC with Tough Love Concentrate!